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Giovanna (Jo)

Owner and Operator

Giovanna (Jo) is the Operations Manager and Co-Founder of Moneta Resources. Like her husband Brad, she is a proud Kingstonian!  Jo has a broad educational background ranging from

education to law, and is currently continuing her learning as she works towards a Business and Administrative degree. Together with their son Benny, and cat Jets, this family business is open for business.

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Sales Coordinator

Brad was born and raised in Kingston, and has a lifelong enthusiasm for local Kingston sports. Brad graduated with a Commerce degree and has worked 

in marketing for numerous Ontario

sports clubs.  For the past decade, Brad has worked as a licensed financial advisor, helping support his numerous clients through investment, life insurance and income tax preparation. 

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VP, Candy Division

As vice-president of the candy division, Benny helps run a vending machine business with his Dad, Brad. It's a sweet business to be in and hundreds of dollars from the candy profits are

donated to CHEO hospital. Benny finds success in following his parents' four financial steps: spend, short term save, long term save and donate.

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VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Jets is responsible for ensuring there are no CATastrophes!

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Moneta Resources is a local, family-run financial business committed to supporting local. Based in Kingston, ON, Moneta is run by husband and wife duo Giovanna Crocco and Brad Dixon.

Brad is a graduate of Laurentian University with a Commerce degree in Sports Administration. He started out his career in marketing, but in 2001 became licensed in the financial services industry. His professional portfolio expanded to include investments, life insurance and income tax preparation under a learn-by-doing strategy. He has put in countless workable hours and professional experience in the financial industry alongside his colleagues and mentors.


Brad met Giovanna (Jo) in 2012 and the two fell quickly for each other, welcoming their son, Benny in 2013. Benny’s future is their motivation to help Kingston grow and to support local businesses.

Jo grew up in Kingston as a first-generation Italian-Canadian. A graduate of St. Lawrence College, Jo started out her career as an Early Childhood Educator, which lead to the role of an Educational Assistant. After 15 years, she decided to return to St. Lawrence College and graduated with a Law Clerk Diploma, which she now applies to her present full-time administrative job at Queen’s University, working with international and exchange students. She is also presently working towards a Business and Administrative Bachelor’s degree.

Brad fit right into her Italian family, despite not liking tomatoes! He does, however, suit up every year for the Crocco tomato sauce making day and has been a wonderful sport taking part in all of the cultural traditions that come along with marrying into an Italian family.

In 2020, Brad decided to make self-employment his full-time focus. With his family’s support, Moneta Resources was born.

We started this company because we saw how many businesses and individuals did not understand the financial support and options available to them. Our goal is to help our clients be fully aware of how they can plan, commit and grow their selves and their business.

The name Moneta (money) Resources was created to recognize both our Canadian and Italian family backgrounds. We feel there is a strong demand to educate individuals about how much money they earn, and why they lose so much of it. For the business people, we want to explore areas that we can add value, so they can create more jobs in our local community.

Together with their son Benny and cat, Jets, this family business is open for business!


Moneta’s Motto: Plan. Commit. Grow


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